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Banka Amerikane e Shqiperise

Banka Amerikane e Shqiperise

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Banka Amerikane e Shqiperise
ABA was established in September of 1998, by the Albanian-American Enterprise Fund (AAEF) a private investment fund established by the United States Government under the SEED Act of 1989, to assist Albania in its transition to a market economy. On the 20th and 21st of December 2006, AAEF, ABA’s sole shareholder, signed a Share Purchase Agreement and a Shareholder Agreement with the Italian banking group Sanpaolo IMI. The agreement represented the sale of 12,000,000 shares of the Bank, equal to 80% of the shares outstanding to Sanpaolo IMI, with AAEF maintaining control of the other 3,000,000 or 20% shares until 2009. The agreement was finalized on the 29th of June 2007, when ABA officially became a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The Intesa Sanpaolo Group is the leading banking group in Italy, where it serves about 10.5 million customers, and one of the top banking groups in Europe. It is the result of the merger, effective as of January 1st 2007, of Sanpaolo IMI and Banca Intesa. The American Bank of Albania (ABA) is a leading financial institution in Albania. Its mission is to provide full and quality banking services to all Albanians and to support the development of the country’s economy as a whole. Moreover, since the start ABA has led the transformation of the financial services industry in Albania becoming one of the largest individual and institutional lenders in the country, supported by leading edge technology including internet banking, ATMs and ABAcards. ABA serves over 82,700 customers*, through 24 branches in Albania and Greece, with total deposits of US$ 761 million*, total loans of over US$ 349 million* and total assets of over US$ 882 million*. ABA, a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo, will continue to offer its customers ever more competitive, service-led and innovating banking services.

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